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A creative response to the growing need for mental health services and educational services for neurodiverse young people
We support young people with additional needs, and their families, by building relationships and offering mentoring, coaching, tutoring and consulting.

Having worked with young people and their families in school settings for over 30 years, we recognise a growing gap between additional needs and available resources. Our service aims to:

  • provide practical assistance until formal professional help is accessed

  • bridge the gap due to long wait lists for CAMHs referrals for autism / anxiety and other assessment services

  • help manage the escalation of presenting problems

  • provide ongoing, affordable support following assessment

  • provide information and guidance to navigate school and professional support
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Coaching and Mentoring

1:1 or family sessions exploring strategies to enable young people to live their best lives. The Decider Skills (CBT and DBT ) are used in an adapted and creative way

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Consulting on Special Educational Needs

Empowering parents to support their young people

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1:1 sessions online or in person to support young people's academic potential

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Home School Support

Comprehensive SENDco support and advice for young people learning at home

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'Lorraine has changed the trajectory of our daughter's life!'  

'Lorraine is simply marvelous! Firstly, her vast experience in SEN means that she is able to adapt sessions to target your child’s individual  needs & offer you very specific feedback. Secondly, her sessions are varied, fun and multi sensory, so your child remains attentive and engaged. Thirdly, and crucially, Lorraine is just a wonderfully warm, encouraging, positive presence - my (often shy) child was immediately at ease with her. They laugh together frequently and he’s making huge progress without even realising it ! I would recommend Lorraine without hesitation.'  
(Mum of a young person with dyslexia)

'Lorraine is giving us invaluable advice as we navigate our way through the tricky world of raising an autistic girl with severe anxiety. Our daughter has a lot of school-based anxiety and Lorraine has brought incredibly sharp and refreshing insights and given us new ideas on different strategies at home and in school. Lorraine has acted as an advocate for us in conversations with the school and has fed into the EHCP process. She has also spent a lot of time and effort building up a positive relationship with our daughter through craft and calming activities, which give our daughter an important creative outlet and opportunities for exploration of her anxiety. I would highly recommend Lorraine as a highly experienced professional who has brought new ideas and knowledge to the table.' 
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We believe that everyone has strengths and an important contribution to make to those around them.

We recognise that anxiety can be a barrier to this potential being realised.

We give hope to young people and their families, helping them believe they can lead their best lives.

We use our passion, knowledge and experience to empower families and young people to manage anxiety rather than allowing anxiety to manage them.

We journey alongside our clients discovering and exploring their strengths and developing strategies to manage the challenges they face.

We aim to make a difference in every session.
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When can support be accessed?

Our unique service offers out of hours appointments in the evenings and over the weekend, as well as during school holidays.

We can also offer tutoring services during the school day for students who may not be accessing full time education.

Where is support accessed?

We are based in Warwickshire, United Kingdom.

In the current Covid climate we work online via Zoom – this allows us to support clients across the UK.

As restrictions allow, we will be able to offer a home service as well as online sessions.

We have access to rooms in Leamington Spa.

What are the costs?

Initial, no-obligation, information gathering session on Zoom
30 minutes - £35, 60 minutes - £55
The duration depends on the complexity of the needs of the young person.  If there are reports available prior to the call, the time to read these is included in the £55 fee.

Following the Zoom session we will make an offer of support by email with a bespoke plan and associated costs.  Session charges range from £50 - £65 per hour dependent on needs, resources and venue of the session.  Travel time and fuel costs are also charged if sessions take place at a client's home.

We aim to make our services as accessible as possible.

Payment is strictly in advance and discounts may be available for bulk bookings

What happens if we have to cancel a session?

We appreciate that life happens!  If a session is cancelled less than 48 hours prior to the session, this will incur the full cost.  Notice given prior to this will enable us to offer this session to someone else and there will be no charge.

Is there financial support available for sessions?

It is our intention, over time, to build up a bursary fund to support anyone who needs our services but is unable to pay the full costs.  At the moment we are not in a position to offer any bursaries, but please register your interest by emailing us.  As soon as our bursary fund allows, we will make contact and we will let you know the evidence we require to consider your application.

How do we get started?

If you think we may be able to help you and your young person, please email us in the first instance to introduce yourself and briefly outline your situation.

We will reply within two working days to offer you a, no obligation zoom meeting to gather and share information and to answer your questions.

Within a further two working days we will email you with thoughts about what our service can provide or an explanation of why we may not be the best service for you and possible alternatives you could explore.

You can take as long as necessary to consider our offer and make an appointment for a session via email.

Who is Willow?

Lorraine Payne is the owner of Willow and the main consultant 

She has worked in education for 35 years.

For the last 17 years she has been a SENDCo in state and independent schools with her last role as Head of Academic and Learning Support for ages 3-18.

Initially supporting students with SpLD, social skills, study skills, and exam strategy, her specialism has developed into supporting students with ADHD, ASC and SEMH. She has recently completed a Master’s degree in SEND with a research project on Equipping parents to support children's mental wellbeing.

Lorraine has also worked as an Educational Consultant on the autism team of SEND Supported and is part of the EOTAS (Education Other Than At School) package for 3 young people through the local authority.

Lorraine is qualified to work with The Decider Skills which teach distilled Cognitive Behaviour Therapy and Dialetical Behaviour Therapy.

She is trained in the use of Social Stories and PACE and has completed a Diploma in Hypnotherapy and Introduction to Counselling Skills.

Qualifications: Higher Diploma in Education, BA (Hons), Post Graduate Diploma in SEND including CPT3A for assessment and access arrangements.  MA ED SEND.   Diploma in Hypnotherapy and Introduction to Counselling Skills.  
Registered with the British Psychological Society - Membership Number : RQTU 334294

Tim Lee – Teacher and Mentor

Born in South Africa, Tim trained in Primary Education. He has worked with children and adults as a teacher, headteacher, coach and mentor; and in Adult Education and Training as a Training Manager in the business sector.

Teaching is Tim’s passion. He taught in South Africa and Botswana before moving to the U.K. in 1998 to take up a role as Headteacher of a primary school.

Leading three schools in England and an independent school the Middle East, he has embraced the individuality of students and their families, valued the co-operation of agencies and support services, and respected the differing needs and circumstances of everyone with whom he has been privileged to engage.

Qualifications: Higher Diploma in Education, National Professional Qualification in Headship.

Carolyn Seymour  - Consultant and Advocate

I can support parents with:

-understanding what to expect throughout the EHCP application process
- making a request to assess for an EHCP
- proof reading draft EHCPs for compliance
- navigating the world of appeals
- helping put a timeline together to show a child's journey through the SEND system
- reading professionals' reports
- understanding what the school is saying by cutting through the jargon
- attending meetings with schools to help them support the young person in their setting.

I have worked in Primary education for a total of 26 years; 16 as a class teacher from EYFS to Y6; 18 in a senior leadership role; 7 as the Headteacher of a large primary school in inner city Birmingham. Whilst I was able to fight for the funding and appropriate provision for the children at my school, I had to leave my role to support my own neurodivergent children and fight for what they needed to be able to access suitable education. I have recently completed IPSEA (Independent Provider of Special Education Advice) - Levels 1, 2 and 3.

As a Head Teacher and SEND parent, my journey in Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND) has given me a well-rounded view of the education landscape. From steering schools as a leader to championing the needs of my own children, I've gained insights into making education inclusive, supportive and nurturing. Navigating both sides of the education spectrum, I've seen first hand the challenges faced by schools, parents and neurodivergent young people. I understand how relationships can break down between families and school leaders, and I know the stresses faced by both sides. I bring a mix of professional expertise and personal commitment to improving the educational experience for all.

As a parent, I have lived through the EHCP process twice, including appealing to a tribunal. I understand about children that can't flourish at school, and those that mask their true selves and try to fit in with their peers' and teachers' expectations. I have experienced, from both sides, what happens when a child's mask slips and they simply can't go anymore. For some schools, a child's struggles are a genuine surprise. A child who is masking is actively working on not standing out, on not drawing attention to themselves, and so when it finally becomes too much, the school may struggle to understand what has caused this sudden meltdown, or shutdown. Parents who have been living with the impact of their child's masking for years, will often be frustrated by the school's lack of pace and urgency in putting in support.

This is when relationships can suffer. Conversations that should be supportive, become arguments about attendance and parenting, rather than what can (and should) be done to help the young person. Both school leaders and parents often lack an understanding of what the law around SEND is. Many don't know what duties are on a Local Authority in these situations, and Alternative Provision is frequently misunderstood and not even discussed. School leaders don't know what has gone wrong or how to "fix it"; scared parents can't physically force their traumatised children into school. Pressure builds, and nobody wins.

At a time when the professionals should be helping, they are often taking actions which are counter-productive, not because they are unkind, but because they don't know any better. If I hadn't lived through the last 15 years, I might have not understood the difficulties faced by the neurodiverse, or the impact of masking. I would have assumed that children should just go to school, and that parents should just be able to get them there. The reality, of course, is very different!

Jo Harper:  Tutor and Mentor

Jo has worked in education for 14 years, teaching and supporting students from 3 to 18 years-old in a range of subjects, including mathematics, English, French, Chinese, as well as conservation education.  Mainly supporting students with dyslexia, dyscalculia, autism and deafness, she has also supported students whose anxiety and poor mental health may be interfering with their education and learning.  She was a youth mental health mentor for the charity, LifeSpace for over five years.

So many factors can adversely affect our learning, whether it be specific learning difficulties, anxiety, lack of confidence, tiredness or external events. Too often, these factors can obscure other talents and limit progress.  Like other Willow consultants, Jo believes in looking at every child holistically, to work alongside them, to listen and to discover the best ways for them to learn and build confidence in themselves. Unique perspectives and non-conformist thinking can enhance the learning process, but only if they are discovered and nurtured.  Individual support can help students realise their full potential by framing teaching and learning in a way that makes more sense to them.

While not involved in education, Jo loves to tramp through jungles and forests working and volunteering in wildlife conservation, including bees, bats, butterflies, dormice, hedgehogs, newts and toads, gibbons and pandas. Her most memorable moments were coming face-to-face with a large male orangutan in the Sabangau Forest in Borneo while tracking a family of gibbons, and holding her first sleepy dormouse. 

BA (Hons), MSocSc, MSc, Adv. Dip Overcoming Barriers to Mathematics, Certificate Fundamentals of Psychotherapy and Counselling, Youth Mental Health First Aider 

A growing team of Willow associates is made up of educators with years of experience working in schools with young people with additional needs.  We all have post graduate qualifications and we are committed to attending ongoing training.  

We are all DBS checked.

Are there any vacancies?

We welcome interest to join our team.  If you are passionate about making a difference in the lives of young people and their families, please email us with your CV. 
We are educators, not counsellors or therapists.  

We are not equipped to deal with complex family mental health difficulties or with individuals who are self- harming or struggling with an eating disorder. If there is evidence of receiving support from specialists in these areas, we may consider providing a service after consultation and a risk assessment.

Please disclose any relevant information at the initial no obligation session and we will let you know if we can help or we may be able to sign post you to someone who can. If we become aware of any complex issues during our sessions, we reserve the right to end the session (with no refund), and only resume once we have discussed the issue further with you and the professional involved and completed a risk assessment.
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  • Snitterfield, Stratford-upon-Avon, UK
  •  willowamlp@gmail.com
  •  Office hours Mon-Frid 8am to 5pm Extended hours for support sessions by arrangement

Please contact us by email in the first instance. We check emails regularly and we will be in contact as soon as possible.

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