1. Introduction 

Our primary goal is to provide a safe and conducive learning environment for children during their home tutoring sessions. 

This behaviour policy outlines the expectations, rules, and consequences that will be enforced to ensure a positive and productive tutoring experience for everyone involved. By adhering to this policy, we aim to foster respect, responsibility, and cooperation among the children and tutors. 

2. Respectful Behaviour 

2.1 Respect for Tutors: 

Children are expected to treat their tutors with respect and courtesy. Disruptive or disrespectful behaviour towards tutors will not be tolerated. 

2.2 Respect for Property: 

Children must respect the property of the home where tutoring takes place, as well as any materials or resources provided by the tutor.  The costs of any intentional damage or misuse of property will be charged to the parents/carers. 

2.3 Respect for Others: 

Children must treat their peers, family members, and any other individuals present with respect and kindness. Bullying, name-calling, or any form of disrespectful behaviour will not be tolerated. 

3. Attendance and Punctuality 

3.1 Timeliness: 

Children are expected to arrive on time for their tutoring sessions. Punctuality not only demonstrates respect for the tutor's time but also ensures that the full allotted session can be utilized effectively. In the event of unavoidable delays, parents/guardians must inform the tutor as soon as possible. 

3.2 Attendance: 

Regular attendance is crucial for the child's progress. Parents/guardians should notify the tutor in advance if a session needs to be rescheduled or cancelled. Excessive absenteeism without a valid reason may result in a review of the tutoring arrangement. 

4. Personal Conduct 

4.1 Personal Hygiene: 

Children are expected to arrive for their tutoring sessions clean and appropriately dressed. Maintaining good personal hygiene is essential for a healthy and comfortable learning environment. 

4.2 Prohibited Items: 

Children must not bring or use any prohibited items during the tutoring sessions, including weapons, drugs, alcohol, tobacco products, or any other illegal substances. 

4.3 Confidentiality: 

Children must respect the privacy and confidentiality of others. Personal information shared during tutoring sessions should not be disclosed to unauthorized individuals. 

5. Consequences 

5.1 Warning: 

In case of minor infractions, tutors will sensitively explain more appropriate behaviour expected.

5.2 Parental Involvement: 

For persistent or severe misbehaviour, the tutor will involve the child's parents/guardians to discuss the issue and jointly determine appropriate corrective measures.

 5.3 Termination of Tutoring:

 In extreme cases where a child repeatedly demonstrates severe misconduct or poses a threat to the safety of others, the tutoring arrangement may be terminated, with no refund of fees. 

6. Parental/Guardian Support 

We encourage parents/guardians to reinforce the behaviour policy and support tutors in maintaining a positive learning environment. Open communication between tutors and parents/guardians is vital for addressing any concerns and ensuring the child's progress and well-being. 

By signing below, parents/guardians acknowledge that they have read, understood, and agree to comply with the behaviour policy for home tutoring. 

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Last reviewed 19th July 2023

Date of next review 18th July 2024